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Full Timers

Yesterday we moved out of our home and handed the keys over to our new tenants (Julie and Ant) and into our Motorhome full time.  We (I) did not quite realise just how much stuff we had accumulated during our 5 years of living together. It didn't help that we had x2 of everything with me living away in Army barracks during the week.In the end I had to have x4 ...

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Collecting Myrtle

We flew over to Germany on Sunday 2nd of Feb, so we could travel up to the Laika dealer in Rheine, on Monday morning to collect our sparkling new Motorhome. Shaun had booked the hotel in the airport and the train ticket online a few weeks before. So after we got off the plane, we walked 150m to our hotel room and had a few beers and a good nights sleep. The ...

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