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Reassessment of the Budget at 2 Month Point

Shaun and I are financing our travels from only our Army Pensions. Since setting off travelling we have reassessed our finances and we have now reallocated £600 each per month (instead of £500 this is what we first allocated ourselves, but we have found this was not enough for us to enjoy the experience the way we wanted to.) We now allow ourselves €40 ...

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April 2014 Expenses

April was a little easier to keep to our €40 (£32.92) per day budget, this was due to us being in one place for a substantial amount of time. We were able to eat out in Portimao on a night and still keep in budget while Shaun's mum and dad visited. Dinner was €8.00 (£6.58) per person for a 3 course meal (not incl drinks). The Aire we stayed in was €2.50 ...

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