April 2014 Expenses

Posted on May 5, 2014

April was a little easier to keep to our €40 (£32.92) per day budget, this was due to us being in one place for a substantial amount of time. We were able to eat out in Portimao on a night and still keep in budget while Shaun’s mum and dad visited. Dinner was €8.00 (£6.58) per person for a 3 course meal (not incl drinks). The Aire we stayed in was €2.50 (£2.05) per night and it cost us €2 (£1.64) to fill up with 100lts of water per week.

We used the toll motorways while we drove back up to France to get to our destination quicker as we had limited to time.

Fuel on average was €1.27-€1.29 (£1.04-£1.06) this was off the motorways and at supermarkets. LPG was €0.74 – €0.84 (£0.61-£0.69) we filled up mostly at the supermarkets and but we did find a cheap filling station while on the motorway in Spain too.

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