Posted on May 7, 2014

I looked into this subject extensively before we came away and we both agreed we did not want to carry a lot of cash around with us in the van or on our persons. I also was adamant I didn’t want us to be paying fees for using our cards overseas.

So after a lot of deliberation and investigation we decided to open a Norwich & Peterborough current joint bank account purely for our travels. This account does not charge for taking money out abroad or for using your card in stores, it has a VISA debit card with the account. So far we have found it has been excepted at every shop/petrol station we have used. We have also found it has given us a very good exchange rate even compared to the local banks.

There is one condition with having this account and that is a minimum of £500 has to be paid into the account each month.

We have found it works for us and very happy with it.

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