La Motte-Du-Caire – Alpes-Haute-Provence

Posted on May 12, 2014
We have arrived at La Motte-du-Caire, in Provence. It’s situated in the lower French Alps, 18km from Sisteron (more on that in the next blog). 


The village of La Motte-du-Caire.

We are here for the next 5 weeks and not just for May as I mentioned in our previous blog. Shaun is doing a Paragliding course(s), he’s roped me into doing a tandem, urghhhh!!!! The courses are run by an English couple who live out here and run the theory side of the course from their home, the practical side is done on the mountains in and around the local area. There are 6 on the course including Shaun, all from the UK. They learn the basics and progress through Elementary Pilot and finish as Club Pilots. This allows them to fly by themselves. Shaun is then going to stay on (after 2 weeks off) to do his Pilots course, which involves learning how to thermal and do cross country flights. That will then give him the knowledge and confidence to fly anywhere whilst on our travels. Oh and of course!!!  the new Paraglider and Harness he’s bought will help too!!! 

It is a very beautiful area full of apple orchards and mountains for as far as the eye can see, the campsite is very quite and perfect for us.  It has electric and water as well as clean toilets and hot showers, the view and location alone is worth the fee of €15 a night. It is only a 10 min walk into the village where there is a bread shop, two little shops, post office and a pub/restaurant/cafe that all role into one!!!  As you can see from the photos it is idilic.
It is an ideal location for taking Jäger out for his walks, we just head off on to forest tracks straight into the woods.

Jäger and I have been out a few times on our morning jogs, but it’s turning more into to a fast walk at times with the steepness of these hills. They do level out a little to give me time to catch my breath before the next climb.  

The campsite is very quite and remote, that is why BB’s Mobile Beauty Salon will not be opening during our stay in Provence.  Instead jäger and I go off and explore the hills and the surrounding mountains on a morning before it gets too hot. We have then been coming back to the campsite and practising my very basic French with the locals for a few hours in the sun and sometimes with a glass of wine :0) 

This is all before I turn into a domestic goddess for the afternoon, washing clothes, cleaning the Motorhome, food shopping and then prepping the food for our dinner!!!

Shaun just does not realise just how busy I really am.  He thinks I just sit in the sun drinking wine with the locals!!! Just how wrong he is :0) 

Prettiest utility room I have ever had.
We do have internet but it is a very weak 2G signal and it is only from our €3 a day European sim and dongle.  It’s a strong enough signal in the morning so I am able check emails, do some internet banking and listen to Radio 2 breakfast show over the internet,

The Army, work, commuting seems so far away now. Do I miss my spreadsheets at work!!! The answer is a definite No!!! 

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