Laragne-Monteglin – France.

Posted on June 29, 2014
After Shaun had passed his Paragliding Club Pilot course we headed to Laragne-Monteglin which has a free Aire.  This was so Shaun could get some experience flying solo,  it was also a great place for Mountain Biking and walking.

Last chance honey, let’s just go through the check list: life insurance, check, will completed, check!!! Good Luck my darling, see you at the landing site!!


Shaun’s first take off as a qualified Club Pilot. Now time for me to race back down the mountain on the scooter to meet him at the landing site!!!

Meeting People In Some Unusual Places 

During our stay at the free Aire in Laragne-Monteglin we met Micky and Mike who were also staying at the Aire.  They were travelling around France for a few months before returning back to the UK to see their grandchildren. The founders of Karimix (a homemade curry mix) sold in the UK at Waitrose as well as other supermarkets and online stores.  Shaun had the honour of trying one of Mickys curries.  As you can see he is truly impressed and very delighted with it.

Time For Some Fun In The Water – Because We Can


I am going in!!! Give me 1 minute


Get ya arse in here Baker.


Come on Jäger the water is great.


Oh this is lovely.


I am only coming in if I can take my stick in with me.

The week we spent at Laragne-Monteglin the weather was so hot, that the Gorge was such a great relief from the heat.  We had a spontaneous dip in the Gorge in our pants!!! Because we could!!! 

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