Les Gets/Morzine – Mountain Bike Mecca – France.

Posted on June 30, 2014
The end of June saw us heading north into the French Alps to Les Gets and Morzine, the Mecca for Mountain Biking.  Shaun and a few of his Army mates had arranged to take part in a 80km Mountain Bike event over the weekend of 27-29 June. It is held every year at this time to celebrate the opening of the resort for the summer season.  The route is designed to take in the areas main resorts and villages of Portes du Soleil.

We arrived a few days ahead of the other guys and are stayed in an Aire in Les Gets for a few days.  Then we moved into the car park of the Chalet where the other lads are staying in, in Morzine.

The Aire in Les Gets is in a good location it is located in a car park at the bottom of one of the chair lifts.  It is only 90cents per person, per day in the summer and has toilets and waste water facility.  The only thing that lets it down is, that it does not have anywhere to fill up with clean water. The service point at the Aire is only accessible by using a CB card and you can only get a CB card if you have a French bank account.  The way we got around this problem was to fill up our litre bottles of water from the toilet.  Shaun also filled up the 25ltr water canister from the stream!!  We bought bottle water to drink.

The Aire is the car park in the middle of the first photo photo. As you can see the weather leading up to the event was lovely and the trails were drying out nicely after the winter months.

We were lucky enough to meet up with some more friends who had only come out for a few days to do the Passport du Soleil on the Friday, they sadly had to shoot back to the UK. Maybe next time Bob we could spend some more time with you and Julie!!! When you and Julie also become “Full timers”.
Then came the day of the event!!! Rain and then more rain, Jager even had his rain coat on, bless him.

The weather was that bad in the mountains that the event organisers cut the course short and closed some of the trails over on the Swiss border due to the trails being that bad. 

Everyone came back from the event safe and sound with lots of war (biking) stories to tell.  Shaun and Chris made Fajitas for dinner that night and I made (out of a box) apple pie and ice cream for pud!!

It was really good to see some of the lads again, I use to work with a few of them during my time in the Army, the banter has never changed and I hope it never will.  I do hope we will be able to meet up with them all again.  But we don’t know where we will be in the world in a year’s time!!

Sadly we had to say good bye to the guys the next day as Shaun had to take me to Geneva  airport to catch a flight back to UK so I could attend a, “working in the wildness” first aid course and then fly out to Croatia and Montenegro and do some work by taking some children on an expedition.

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