Life in Provence

Posted on May 26, 2014
We have now been living in Provence for 3 weeks.  The weather has been lovely most days with the temperature being between 20-25 degrees,  dropping down to single figures on an evening as we are above 700m.  We have even had to put the heating on first thing on a morning to take away the chill.  But by 11am it has normally warmed up nicely 

Paragliding School

While the boys were on their course they would leave by 8.30am to grab a coffee before class.  Thats when jäger and I would go off for our run or go out for a walk and explore the local area.

The Citadel of Sisteron

I was spoilt last week as I had a lunch out in Sisteron (A very old and beautiful town). This was with Julie-Ann, an American lady who came over to France for a week with her husband who was also on the paragliding course. We had a delightful morning walking around medieval Sisteron and visiting the Citadal.  We also took part in the French pastime of sitting in cafés sipping coffee (tea in my case) and watching the world go by!! Just Glorious!!! 

It is not all just sitting around you know. jäger and I took Julie-Ann on one of our walks to explore the area. I had been told about a great MTB route, that I wanted to recce for Jäger and I to do.   We brought Julie-Ann back 3hours later to a promise that I would introduce her to, “a nice cup of Yorkshire tea”. Which I think she was delighted with??!!! Even if she was aching a little, bless.

BB’s Mobile Beauty Salon, has been open for business,  as I had an Indian Head Massage booked in, which paid for my ladies lunch out.

My candle supplies have arrived to the campsite. Which I am so pleased about.  They only took 6 days to arrive, which I think is very good.  So that means I can now get busy re-stocking my candle melts and selling them out here and UK. I have also been asked to send some samples out to a friend in Germany to try. I have been using them out here as a token to say thank you if someone has helped us in some way.  I have found some people are using my melts the traditional way and melting them in a burner to fragrance the room, but I have had some clients say they are too pretty to melt so they are putting them in their drawers to fragrance drawers too.  Which is a great idea. 

First two parts of Shaun’s course has now finished and he has a two week break before he starts the next two parts.  So we are leaving the campsite and off exploring more of Alpes de Haute-Provence. We are looking forward to doing some mountain biking, walking and possibly some paragliding if the conditions are right.

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