Myrtle is now “hot stuff”

Posted on February 23, 2014
A big thank you goes to Ebor leisure of York for sorting out Myrtle’s “bomb proof” Alde heating finally.  Not having heating has not been a big problem for us over the last few weeks as we have been on electric hook up, so we have had a little electric blow heater for when it has been a little cold.  We have been very impressed with just how warm Myrtle has stayed.

The heating problem did seem to be that there was not enough air circulation within the heaters locker so making the heater over heat. Well, touch wood the vents that Ebor have now put in, do seem to be working. We are now finding the van very warm indeed to my delight and having hot water too we are very spoilt. Heat comes from everywhere, apparently there’s 17 meters of radiators hidden under the floor and behind/under chairs. Yum yum when we are skiing.

All we are waiting for now is the registration documents to come back, which we are expecting a week today.  (Then it’s the big off) Once we receive this paper work we are then allowed to have our new number plate, “BB14 BUT” fitted. (A big thank you to my mum and dad for our personal number plate for Myrtle we do love it).

We are on the move again today, back to the White Water site for a week. This is so that we are not too far from home to collect the registration paperwork and Jäger has his barbers appointment in Guisborough on Thur, so he is looking mighty smart for his travels too.

Let’s hope it all arrives this week for then we can finally set off the following Mon!!!

Dawn :0) 

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