Orange Groves in Spain

Posted on April 27, 2014
We are now sat writing this blog from an Aire surrounded by orange groves in Eastern Spain.  Well we are actually between Barcelona and Valencia on our way down to Portugal.

We left Bourg St Maurice on Wed morning after I had a great afternoon on Tue skiing with Shaun and Tom. I am proud to say I skied fast enough to be in the boys team (father!!!) and they didn’t have to hang around too much for me.

We headed south and stopped off at Chateauneuf Du Pape for lunch. Shaun likes his red wines as we’ve mentioned before on previous blogs, so he did a bit of shopping and came back with two bottles (I came off lightly there then). They did look out of date to me as they had 2010 written on them!!! What a beautiful place Chateauneuf Du Pape was and we will definitely be stopping on our way back to Provence as we found a lovely Aire by the old Châteaux  

We carried on our way and headed for an Aire that was by a beach not far from Montpellier. We thought it would be lovely for Jäger to have a nice run around the beach and play in the sea as he’d been cooped up in the van most of the day.  Shaun cooked dinner last night, fresh mussels (that had been picked by the local fisherman that day- €5 for 1.5kg) in a onion and garlic sauce.  They were delicious especially with the fresh bread we had bought earlier. We weren’t sure how we would be this morning, sea food can be dodgy!!! But all was good. 

Anyway, back to the Orange groves! We are now chilling in Myrtle having just eaten pork steaks with garlic and chips, (not had chips for ages), and we’ve both just had a lovely hot shower. Can’t believe its 8pm and we are in our jimjams, we are thinking of you Alison,as you know you like to be in yours by 8!!!

We are heading further south tomorrow and as always we are not sure where we will end up. YOLO!


Shaun and I at Les Arcs, Shaun and Jager at Chateauneuf and our freshly cooked mussels.

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