Almeida – Portugal.

Posted on October 16, 2014


Our first stop over the boarder into Portugal was the Fortified town of Almeida. The aire is just outside the walls of the town and has a toilet block. The aire book does say it has x2 electric points. We did see electric leads being run from van to van of some of the French motorhomers that were parked closer to the toilets. We have solar panels so it didn’t matter.

Birds eye view of the town of Almeida.

Birds eye view of the town of Almeida.

The main gate into Almeida, by foot, car and donkey cart only.

The main gate into Almeida, by foot, car and donkey cart only.


There was a maze of quaint streets with local shops and cafes within the walls. We were surprised by how cheap the food and drinks were compared to the prices in France. The one thing we were disappointed with was how unfriendly the locals were. We made an effort to say Bom dia (good morning) and Obrigado (thank you) but the locals just looked at us suspiciously. We were later informed by some of our Portuguese friends that they have had some trouble over the years with Portuguese Gypsies which has made them very wary of strangers.

The streets all jam packed in.

The streets all jam packed in.

This did not put us off the place, we decided to stay a few nights. Which gave us both a chance to get out on our bikes and explore the surrounding area. Shaun managed to find some local Mountain bike trails and I managed to find another castle to go and explore. The roads were perfect for road biking very quiet and in very good condition. After our fill of biking, sightseeing and chilling we decided to head south to Evora.


What a beautiful city Evora was, it has roots that go back to roman times. With a unique quality of whitewashed houses and wrought-iron balconies dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The Portuguese King lived here in the 15th century.



There was an Aire mentioned in one of our Aire books but it ended up being a truckers stop on the outskirts of the town really not very pleasant. So we decided to stay at one of the campsites in our ACSI book. The campsite was 16 euros a night and included, electric, water, WIFI, hot showers and toilets It was about a 20 min walk into Evora but there was a bus that stopped right outside the gates to could take you into town. We could not get on it as they don’t allow dogs on buses in Portugal, Shaun would’ve made us walk anyway!!! Just around the corner (5 mins), was a big supermarket which was handy to stock up on our food and Shaun’s wine, it also sold the Portugeuse custard cakes, Pasteis de nata, (another bike ride needed to burn those off then).

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