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Posted on April 28, 2014
We finally arrived in Portugal on 1 Apr. We located ourseleves in the South of Portugal near the port town of Portimao.  There were a few official and un-official Aires around Portimao, we decided to stay at the official one that had a water fill up and empty facility only costing us 2.50 euros a night, we were delighted with this!!  It was a large Aire, we were told by our Northern Ireland neighbours that the site can hold up to 500 vans, peak being over the Christmas period!! The Aire was by the Marina in Priaia da Rocha and opposite a 4* hotel called Tivoli (where Ann and Mick, Shaun’s mum and dad stayed during their recent visit out to us.) (The hotel is on the right, above photo.)

It was such a lovely area to be based and so convenient as the beach was only a 3 min walk away, so ideal for Jäger’s walk and my jog. The marina also had a laundrette on site.  I found plenty of little supermarkets within walking distance.  But I also got the scooter out to go exploring the area and found some large supermarkets to do a big shop.

Shaun was asked if he would take some sports cars by truck to a car show in Moscow, so he had to fly back to UK on 10th until 25th Apr. So unfortunately Jager and I were based in Portimao on our own from 11-24 Apr. :0( 
Jager and I had settled nicely in Portimao, especially with the temperature ranging from 19-25 and sunny most days.  There are certainly worse places to be based for a few weeks on our own.

All By Myself

So I hear you ask yourself what did Dawn do with herself for 2 whole weeks on her own???  Well Dawnie BB after a few days of taking jäger out running on a morning along the beach and a bit of soaking up the sun, i set up BB’s Mobile Beauty Salon and Willow Moon’s Candle and Melt Company!!! I am so so pleased I did too. I was a little nervous at first as i had brought all of my equipment all this way taking up room in our garage and no one would want any beauty treatment!! (How wrong I was) As you can see from the photos above I put my purpose made signs that I had made in the UK (and snook them into the van without Shaun seeing due to weight) in the window of the van!!! I had one sign made in English and the other made in French. 

Word got around and my beauty work steadily took off, mostly with Indian Head Massages and eyelash tinting charging €10 for 1 hour Indian Head Massage and €5 for an Eyelash tinting.

I also wanted to make my own pure aromatherapy oil Soy candle melts to burn (in a oil burner) during my treatments. These also took off in Portugal.  It started by me giving one of the little love heart shape melts (that I use to burn during each treatment) to each client as a little parting gift. These clients and their friends liked them so much they came back asking if the could buy more and bigger (Moon) melts!!! They tend to buy them for themselves and as presents for others (see the above candle photo) I charge €1 for x2 little love heart shaped in a gift bag.  The Willow Moon melt in a gift bag is €1.50. I sold out of all my melts twice due to big bulk orders being placed, to my delight. (All candle supplies were snook into the van back in England while Shaun was away working!!!) :0)  Shaun’s mum also brought out a few more supplies during their visit too.

Not All Work and No Play

It was not all work and no play, while I was in Portimao I met some really nice people out there and some that have become friends that I would love to see again.  A big thank you goes to Brendan and Geraldine from Northern Ireland, their van was parked in front of ours. Brendan used to help me with my chocks!!! (Wheel stoppers) when I had to move the van to empty the dirty water out and fill up with clean water (for washing up and my showers) (a two person job) and Geraldine for buying so many of my melts, their van now smells like a very strong Lilly!! I also met Lynne who is travelling in her new camper-van on her own and who became a good friend of mine.  We use to have mid morning coffee on the beach together after my morning jog with jäger and after my morning treatments.  Lynne would then go off to the gym to do her training for the afternoon and I would head back to the van for my afternoon beauty treatments and to have a piece of chocolate Lol just to be naughty because Lynne was so so good!! :0)

I also met Rachel another British lady that became a good friend. She lives on one of the Yachts in the above photos, with her husband Adie, (ex Royal Marine who has been out now since 2012) and their black Labrador Tala and 9 week old kitten Willow. Rachel did Reflexology treatments, so we swapped one of my Indian Head Massage for one of Rachel’s reflexology treatment, absolutely lush!! We would take the dogs out for walks together and then meet Lynne for our mid morning coffee on the beach!!!! Truly a tranquil life style we led!!! All three of talked about how lucky we were to be living this life at the age of 40!!! Then we would order another coffee!!

Everyone goes their own way during summer, UK, west coast of Portugal, Alps etc, then meet up in Autumn for some winter sun. I do hope that Shaun and I can head back down there again at the similar time on our way to Morocco!! We will just have to see where life takes us!!! :0) 

Sorry for no blog during this time, I managed to drop and smash the screen on my IPAD and it has taken me some time to find a place that would repair an iPad mini out in Portugal.  But it’s now all been done and I am back up and running. 

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