Preparation Continues

Posted on January 26, 2014
Our preparations have been gathering momentum this week. 

With Shaun investigating which Internet/Wifi provider/unit would be best for us. We both agree that having internet for us is a must and going to be the cheapest way for us to keep in touch with friends and family. In the end we decided on an I Boost from  This WiFi booster increases the range from which WiFi connection can be received (including free WiFi connection from bars and cafés) We have also bought a BT Fon for £34.00. BT Fon is a community of people that 
share a small proportion of there home broadband with other BT Fon members. In return we get free access to other members WiFi Hotspots throughout the world. Shaun will be writing about it in more depth on our essential kit page.

I have finally felt vitalised enough to get myself out running in our local woods with Jäger. Something I could not bring myself to do for months now. I will be honest with you I have really enjoyed my little jogs out this week one was even with Shaun. The runs have felt different and more enjoyable as I was out running for myself and not because I had to for work! Thank you D Pers Admin, for my retirement present, my heart monitor, it has worked a treat and I loved how many calories I used! :0)

One of my jobs this week was to get in touch with our utility companies and banks and inform them of our change of address as we are renting out our house in 2 weeks time.  Shaun’s parents have kindly volunteered for us to use their address as our  correspondence address. It has amazed me just how many companies there are to get in touch with.

It’s all starting to feel a lot closer to leaving, it’s been a long time coming. Everything is starting to fit into place, most things have been either bought or booked ready for the big off!!! Excitement instead of trepidation is creeping in, it’s the feeling you get when you’ve had a hard week at work and it’s Friday night and you put your feet up with a nice glass of wine.

Not long now.

Dawn and Shaun

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