Settled in well

Posted on February 23, 2014

It has been a few weeks now since I’ve been living in our new home. I have settled in very quickly and made my self at home. I’m loving the underfloor heating but it seems to keep sending me to sleep, most of the day and all night. I went on my normal walk today with my mam and dad and played in the water and tried to find as much muddy spots as I could. Unfortunately, the olds, like me clean and normally wash me down with freezing cold water when I get back. Today, my dad washed me down with nice warm water from our new heating system. See the photo below of my own warm water, dog shower, straight from our Motorhome especially for me!

This is a novelty and one that I know I will like!!!

Walk, hot shower, eat, sleep, walk, play, eat and more sleep. It’s a dogs life for me!!!!!

Jäger BB


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