Shaun and Tom’s Powder Days – France.

Posted on March 27, 2014
What a good few days we’ve had. The conditions have been fantastic, plenty of powder, sunshine, empty slopes and lots of fun. Tom has been setting Strava (a phone App) each day to see how far and how fast we’ve been going; over the three days we managed to cover 146 miles, gain 91000ft (thats almost 28km) of elevation overall and hit a max speed of 50.6mph. Oh!!! and set off and ski through an avalanche (well done Tom). That’s not big or clever boy’s (Dawn)

Tom and I, climbed up this from the left hand side. Tom skied off the top and set off an avalanche which you can just make out running from the centre of the pic to the bottom right.


Having a rest before skiing in some fresh powder, this is the mountain above before the avalanche.

If you see signs like this you know its going to be fun-YOLO                         We survived!!!!

Well Tom has gone back to work and the show must go on as they say, Dawn and I have a lot of travelling to do and soooo much time to do it. Laters

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