The big off, is now the big on!

Posted on March 6, 2014
Yes that is right we are finally setting off on Fri 7 Mar.  Shaun’s trip to Barcelona has been cancelled.  He is still away working at the moment but that is down at Brans Hatch until Fri lunchtime.

 Jäger and I have been living on the North Yorkshire Moors for a few days at a small camp site while Shaun has been away. It was nice to take jäger on long walks on the moors but it was very very muddy.  Jäger’s doggy shower (you can see a photo of it on his blog “it’s a dogs life”) has come into its own and has been such a god send!!! 

But I have now decided to head back to our own town and complete our final prep before we set off (do some washing at the in-laws and have one more bath) Yes I have had to drive Myrtle and sort out her water and electrics all on my own over the last few days!! I even had to change the gas bottles over last night at 9pm ( just my luck)  I am very proud of myself as there has been a lot to learn and I was a total novice. But now I am the master!! Te he he.

The plan is now for Jäger and I to drive down to collect  Shaun on Fri and then to head to Dover.

I will let you if we get on that ferry on Fri “watch this space”.

Dawn and Jäger 

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