The Countdown Is On

Posted on January 18, 2014
Hi everyone just a little update to let you know how our preparation is going. 

It has been a hectic time for the Butler/Baker house hold! I have now left the Army and in full time retirement (not bad for a 42 year old pensioner.) But to be honest it really doesn’t feel real, I just feel like I am on leave. 

This week has also seen me complete and pass my Compulsory Basic Test (CBT) for our Scooter as it is 125cc. I really enjoyed the course and would like to go on and try and complete and pass my full bike test, I have got two years to complete this before I have to sit my CBT again. (Shaun has his full bike licence lucky thing.)

2nd Feb is the date we are flying over to Germany to pick up our Motorhome, we are planning to spend 24 hours near to the dealership. This is to test out our new home, making sure everything works and there are no problems before we head back to the UK to change the lights, speedo and register it to the UK as well as pay the UK VAT. (And pack Jäger (the dog))

So far we have found it worth while and saved a lot of money buying new from a German Dealer at the Dusseldorf Motorhome Show.  Shaun has looked into this process in depth and I am hoping he will write about this to make it easier for others.

The next few weeks will see us moving out of our house ready for our tenants to move in.

We are looking at setting off on our travels at the end of Feb. Our aim is to head to the French Alps to do a few weeks of skiing/snowboarding. Hopefully we will be staying in the local Aires and probably a week in a campsite when a friend of ours will be visiting, also to do a spot of snowboarding. 

 I will keep you posted :0)

Bye for now Dawn

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