Via Ferreta before lunch – France.

Posted on March 18, 2014


Today we continued our journey south towards Bourg St Maurice to arrive by Thur. Our route since we left Dunkirk has only been on A roads, no toll roads for us we wanted to see the real France off the beaten track.  On average we have travelled about 80 miles a day before deciding to stop for the night. 

During our journey to Nantua our next destination for this evening, we came across a sign saying Via Ferreta! Well, Dawn and I just looked at each other and grinned. You see, we’ve done a lot of Via Ferreta over the years together in Italy, Austria and Germany. It’s basically climbing up and along vertical rock faces via a wire rope attached to said rock face. You then attach yourself to the rope via a couple of karribiners and two slings, which is attached to a harness. Extreme climbing , safely-ish!!!! We both said to each other, “shall we give it ago?” Well why not, the weather is stunning, we have our Via Ferreta gear in the van. So we did (see the photos below) What a great start to the Day.  


The route. 

PictureShaun said, ” look this way honey and smile”. Dawn said, can you not see I am holding on for dear life here???

PictureDawn said (shouted) to Shaun, “you want me to go down where”!!!!! Really!!!

We arrived in the Rhone-Alps early afternoon. We stopped in Nantua which is a little town on a lake surrounded by small mountains, a beautiful picturesque place. With the van parked up ,literally feet away from the shoreline,  the bike was out, Lycra adorned and water bottle filled. 25 miles later having had to ride 5 miles of those up one hill, I was back, showered and sat down with a glass of red. I know, I know!!! having done physical exercise your meant to rehydrate first then alcohol, but one glass of red won’t hurt!!!!


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